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now this is my first attempt at writing anything at all really so suggestions would be useful I hope you enjoy

I woke up like it was any other morning I pulled the sheets away from my body but when the sun hit my arms I noticed the blood and cuts everywhere I knew I had cut my arm last night but nowhere near that bad “oh well I guess that's what happens when you sleep with all these knifes” I say to myself as I pick up one of the knifes that is poking me in the leg and throw it at the stupid Justin Bieber poster that I'm to lazy to rip of the wall I get up and put on my favourite black jumper and black sweat pants that I always wear “fuck going to school today my parents arnt home for another week anyway” I slowly walk down the stairs to get something to drink then go back to bed but as I get to the bottom of the stairs I notice massive red stains in the carpet leading to the kitchen I followed the trail into the kitchen to see blood and body parts littering the room my mums head has been pinned to the cupboard with a knife going straight through her forehead my father had gotten if anything a worse ending he had his own dick sticking out through his right eye socket with a look of horror frozen on his face I laughed to myself a little “you both deserve this I hope you burn in hell” I walk over to the fridge stepping over body parts as I go I open the fridge and grab one of my dads bears ” you won't be needing this will you daddy” I say giving his head the finger as I open the bear and take a swig I kick one of their legs away from my foot as I turn to go back to my room I walk up the stairs still giggling to myself I don't care anymore I won't be here much longer I get to my room and slam the door behind me ” I'm finally free” a few minutes pass and I've just about finished the bear I lay on the bed and let my eyes close as I drift of to sleep only to wake up being held to a giant marble pillar by black tentacles coming out of the pillar I look down to see my body stripped of the clothes I had on when I had fallen asleep I look at my breasts hanging freely as my nipples harden in the cold air I look around the room and keep thinking I see a face but it's not a face their are no eyes no mouth nothing just a pale form of a face coming from the shadows “excuse me can you come out here it's cold and I'm naked” finally he comes out from the shadows a tall man with pure white skin and no facial features he is wearing a black suit as he move towards me I notice he isn't actually walking he is just standing there moving towards my body I can't help but become a little wet with the cold air tickling my clit he came close enough that I could feel cold coming of his body suddenly I could hear voice in my head ” I think a thank you is in order now that I've freed you from those people that you hate so much ” I looked at the faceless figure with tears in my eyes “thank you so much they were killing me I wasn't going to last much longer in that hell hole” another figure came out of the shadows he was wearing a white hoodie and black jeans but his face was what really stood out was his face he had no eyelids and cuts on his cheeks so he would always smile then the voice again” he's the one you should thank I only saw your thoughts my friend Jeff here took it upon himself to make your wish come true and slaughter them all” I look over at Jeff with tears still in my eyes ” thank you so much I'll do anything you want In return just thank you so much” I spread my legs a little “and what could you do in return for me little sweetie” Jeff says looking towards my hard nipples and licking his lips “I think I know a few things I could do to in return for you freeing my life” I turn my legs a little towards him and spread them a little more so he can see how wet my pussy has become seeing this makes makes his grin only grow then out of nowhere I feel something rubbing against my clit making me let out a moan for a second I look down to see a new black tentacle rubbing itself against my clit and slowly growing up my belly until it reaches my boobs and wraps itself my right tit and starts rubbing my other nipple while tightening around my breast I can't help but keep moaning now with the tentacle rubbing the entirety of my pussy with how big it has grown I try to reach down to push it against my pussy harder but my arms are still being held by the pillar the tentacle gets faster and my breast has started going purple with how tight it's being held I start moaning a louder once the tentacle starts rubbing against my pussy harder and faster I can't stop moaning now and I keep on begging them to fuck me with no response I finally start to feel an orgasim building but just when I start feeling like I'm about to come it stops the tentacle turns to Black goo and dissolves against my skin I moan in frustration my arms are still trapped so I can't even get myself of ” come on please somebody fuck me I need to cum your driving me crazy” while this was happening I had closed my eyes so to my surprise Jeff was already beside dragging a bloody knife along my arm ” you recognise this knife yet little sweetie ” I look closer at the knife In shock ” it's the knife you put through that bitches skull” Jeff looks up at me “yep it's my favourite knife I couldn't leave it behind” he pushed the knife harder against my arm cutting through the skin making me groan yet my pussy becomes wetter and I can't help but let a moan pass my lips “please fuck me Jeff I can't take this anymore” I start to feel my arms come free from the pillar but as soon as I try to turn Jeff jumps on top of me with my legs spread and his hard cock pressed against my clit even through his jeans he held the knife to my throat with that same grin on his face that would never leave “now what to do with you”I starts dragging the knife down between my tits leaving a small cut as he goes then licking up the trail of blood left I let out another moan then I start to notice something I don't feel Jeff's jeans anymore I look down to see the most beautiful cock I had ever seen I can't help but scream In pain and pleasure as Jeff pushes his entire cock inside of me taking my virginity in the process he stops deed Inside me “look at this I got myself a virgin” Jeff starts biting my hard nipples and fucking me hard and fast ” oh god FUCK YES MORE MORE MORE” I scream as Jeff bites my nipple so hard it bleeds I keep moaning so loud it's almost a scream every time I start to feel my orgasm building and Jeff still shows no sign of slowing down and is still sucking on the nipple that he made bleed a few seconds later Jeff stared deep into my eyes and kissed me letting all of my blood flow back into my mouth I swallow as much as I could but I couldn't help but let some drip out of my mouth and run down my cheek ” HOLY FUCK” I scream as I finally cum and can feel Jeff filling my insides completely filling my pussy with his cum it spilling out from around his cock we both layed their in that position for maybe minutes our hours once Jeff had recovered he reached for his knife and held it to my throat ” I really do love you my sweetie but you arnt free yet” Jeff said as he sliced my throat and let the blood flow from the wound he had made ” thank you I love you two” I say barely above a whisper as the life leaves my body I feel those cold tentacles begin to wrap themselves around my body and lift me towards the ceiling that I now see is covered in the body's of all the other people that had been brought here I start to close my eyes and drift away now I am truly free Lucky Fucker Pov doing.
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He had no frame of reference, but was certain she was doing an amazing job, “I love you…” she mustered

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Later that night watching animal planet with his son, they see two lions fucking, they little bay asks his father , “Daddy what are they doing?” They're trying to make kittens the father replies,

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