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PervCity The Anal Corruption of Remy LaCroix by Mike Adriano

She squatted down in front of me and spread her legs really far apart, and then she opened her mouth wide and began sucking on my head Young Libertines –. ” She nodded and said,
”We will all be wet and ready for your dick on Saturday at 8am
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Screaming Pervcity – Topfacegirl doing Massage With Skillful Sucking Smooth

I was Cumming to rocking my hips back ad forth meeting this Danes tongue lick for lick with my muffled cries,

Mmm, mmmm, arr, arr, as my cum flowed over this dogs tongue and down his throat I could hear him swallowing ad onto the floor, I still long for more, I want his dick, I needed his big dick inside, I patted my ass and come boy fuck me fuck me I whisper but nothing I looked back to my sister the Sheppard was stood ass to ass with her and was dragging her around like a rag doll she cried out in pain,
Than the knot that tied than fell out of her and the Sheppard started cleaning himself, I couldn’t believe my eye this dog had about a 9 inch dick and a knot the size of a baseball how could she take all that in and now I know why it hurt I would have cried to and Sam collapsed on the she was wreck, panting laid with her face and chest on the ground ass in the air as cum poured from her pussy like someone had turned on a tap, the kelpie jumped up mounting her and after two thrust sent it home, he took after he was a lot small and light than the Sheppard so the kelpie could thrust a lot faster and Sam was helpless she was so tired and had no energy to fight him off just had to laid the and take it but still this was the 5 dog she had fuck in one day one after another, after a few second long hard faster thrust became really slow short jabs and the kelpie started yelping as his cum shoot into Sam, Sam somehow managed to have another orgasm,
As he was off like a rocket and than the dog was still under her filling her pussy dig his claws into her thighs and started fucking into her hard, mean while the kelpie and Sheppard just kept circling, just waiting some how as if they know they would get there turn, the kelpie jumped up putting his paws between Sam shoulders and pushing her head to the ground just a few inches from his hard dick he started thrusting towards her face Sam tried to fight and move but his weight had her pin and the right angle so he could thrust into her mouth, his tip pasted through her lips as he thrust faster and faster into her mouth, what a sight my little 12 year old sister being fuck in the pussy, ass and month by three different doges while the Sheppard just kept circling, the fist thing that come to mind you have done this before you dirty little slut and I couldn’t take it anymore I need a release, I put one head on the sink and spread my legs wide and bent down as far as I could so I still had full view and started rubbing my already erect clit and slid moving them in and out it feel so good I was nearly Cumming, than I felt something wet touch my pussy ad it feel so good I jumped with excitement I looked back there was Steven’s big great Dane storm licking my pussy his tongue slid in and out of my pussy ad felt so good so I turned my attention to my clit and I turned back to watch my sister, the dog underneath her let out a yelp and the one fucking her tiny little ass through his head back and howled like a wolf, I realise them two dogs were fully knotted with Sam as I could see the kelpie trying to bury his knot in her mouth I thought to my self if he gets it into he throat he could kill her, just than he got really slow and jerky as I saw him shoot his white doggie load into her mouth the angle the she was on must have stopped him from getting his knot into her mouth, after about 15 minutes the three doges pulled out of her, and went to clean themselves and Sam started trying to get up and the German Sheppard jumped up wrapping her paws around her waist pulling her back down one thrust hit the mark and he was fuck her faster and harder than any of the other dogs had done before he must he been a lot bigger to I could see Sam’s face and she had tears running down her cheeks and a sense of overpowered and helpless like she had realised she was now being raped by this huge dog, she tried to pull and get away but bit down on the end of her ponytail pulled her back till her hip smashed into his and Sam had to full extended her arms to touch the ground must have given him better angle as he was now stood right up on his back instead of thrusting forwards he up into her and her body was shoved and thrown around by the sheer size ad weight of this dog and he was in total bliss and his knot slammed into her and Sam let out a scream,
As she started thrusting her hip back to met him every thrust

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