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“No problem at all, now let me help you mount it!” With her legs quickly turning to mush Erica allowed Valerie to turn her around and slowly lower her now gaping pussy onto the murderously thick rubber pecker! “Oh god it’s so huge!” she gasped as it slid without hesitation into her now hungry fuck canal! Once she was completely impaled by the giant fake cock, Valerie set about attaching electrodes to her hard pink nipples! Once she had everything in place she gave the stunned woman a long kiss on the mouth and whispered, “In a second I’ll turn on the machine, then when ever you’re ready start talking!” “Y-you mean my story?!?” Erica asked weakly Young_strawberry. ” The car was filled with commuters, packed like sardines
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I whimpered, loving this, Her tongue fluttered against my thrust shaft again

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MY WEDDING DAY i woke up at 5 in the morning so happy and looking forward to being a married man i went into my bedroom bathroom and had a nice long shower i got out the shower at about 6 or just before when i got out the shower i got dried and brushed my teeth with the excitment building inside of me after i finshed brushing i went out of my bedroom and shouted “im getting married today!!!” my mom and dad came out there room like strangly fresh for just woke up my mom ran over to me and gave me a big hug and said “yes you are my darling boy” we all went down stairs and had sme breakfast that i could barly eat and i was looking at the clock every 5 seconds fanally it got to 7 in the morning

the knock on the door finally came and it was my hair stylist the woman came in and set up in the living room i walked in and said “your not mitch!” the woman replied “no sir im jess and i will be styling your hair for you today” she offered her hand to shake but i said again “your not mitch, Click here.

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